About Us

Hello everyone! We are Jukka and Tuomas, coming straight from Tampere, Finland’s finest gaming central, and we decided to start a blog about… gaming, of course! The reason why we decided to start a blog about gaming, even though it’s not that unusual nowadays, is because we wanted to share the knowledge and tips we have accumulated over the years about the games we love the most – which are usually fantasy games as you will see on our blog, but we may surprise you from time to time…  While there may be multiple blogs about this topic, we hope to shine a light on some Easter eggs in the games we love and new tech used in the gaming world, which is expanding as we’re speaking! (Well, as you’re reading this, and as we’re writing this…) But don’t worry, this blog won’t be solely about games, we will talk about our favorite music too. See you around! J & T