What first comes to mind when you think about AI (artificial intelligence)? While we are very excited about AI in general (blame it on all the games and movies we played and watched in our youth), we understand that there are many people afraid of it for multiple reasons. Some people think that AI will become too powerful and start ruling the world (Yes… that is a legit fear some people have), some people think it will not be able to contain itself, and that it will cause some sort of a ruckus. Today we wanted to show you a good side to AI, and why it should be accepted as a tool we will for sure be using in the future.

Great assistance in everyday life

We firmly believe that AI will be more prevalent in our day-to-day lives as time goes on and our technology advances. We have witnessed some AI-based objects that many households have today – take, for example, the AI-powered hoover, Roomba – and we can see that they can be used to help us out. Not only will AI help us in such mundane tasks as house cleaning, but it will also help us out with driving; Tesla’s automatic cars are the proof that AI can be used for good and that it can perfectly work on its own.

Helpful with high-risk situations

If you have been reading our blog, we already discussed one of the main reasons why Tesla’s automatic cars are an amazing addition to our life, and that is because they can take risks without injuring you, their driver. (They can park for you, steer through very narrow roads for you, etc.)

But the fact is, this is not only Tesla’s main function, it’s also the function of all other AI-powered objects used in high-risk situations. Take, for instance, Boston Dynamics’ AI dog called “Spot.” While it takes the form of a “man’s best friend”, its main function isn’t really the one of imitating a dog, but of being an object that can enter risky buildings or risky sites in order to provide its company with important data. With many cameras it has, it can navigate itself in many difficult situations, sparing its so-called owners of potential injuries. While it is pricey as of now, we do believe that in the future, its price will go down as this innovation is very useful.

Digital Assistance

During the pandemic, we’ve encountered many forms of assistance that were greatly appreciated – vaccines being given for free, ventilators being gifted, etc. What we found really amazing was the idea of an AI assistance that helps people contact their hospitals without actually going to the ER. With just a simple touch, the AI assistance directed them to their nearest ER/doctor and helped them out. Wonderful, isn’t it?

By Elea