We were visiting a friend of ours over the past weekend and had a lot of fun. We played a lot of video and board games, we had some amazing food and really got to see some great sights the town has to offer. Our friend is quite like us really, he has been playing games since his childhood and he is very geeky about everything. While we were at his place, we noticed that he upgraded his gaming set-up and that instead of one, he is now sporting two monitors! So we asked him if he wanted to let us in on the secret – if the dual monitor set-up is better than the regular set-up – and help us with giving advice to you, our readers.

Apart from having your gaming set-up look incredibly cool, is it really worth it to invest in dual monitors for gaming? Well…

Take into consideration the cost of the new set-up

You have to take into consideration the overall cost of the new set-up; that means that it’s not only a new monitor that you will be buying, but you will also likely be buying a new graphics card as well! This is so because your normal PC can’t handle powering on two monitors at the same time and loading an HQ game.

Your games will be stretched

Yes, you read that well. Your games will not fit any monitor you have because they aren’t made for such a screen size. (It turns out that it’s better to work with an uneven amount of monitors – 1 or 3, because then, nothing is lost from the game, and the game perfectly fits all three screens.) So unless you plan on using your second monitor not for the gameplay but for assistance, you shouldn’t really be using a dual set-up.

Assistance with gameplays

What dual set-up is good for is giving you help with your gameplay! You can easily load a walkthrough YT tutorial on one monitor and copy what others are doing in real time in your game on the second monitor. Or, you can load maps you have in your games on one, and follow the trail on your second monitor. All in all, when they are used as split screens, not as a singular screen, two monitors can really help you and be worth the penny.

Easier streaming

Streaming is nowadays an essential part of gaming, and in order for your stream to go smooth, you may indeed need a dual set-up! You can have everything you need for streaming on one of the two monitors, while you are actually playing a game on the second one. It lessens the clutter on your PC, it won’t lag as much (that’s if you don’t have issues with your PC in the first place), and it will be much easier for you to focus on your gameplay.


We have presented you with both pros and cons about a dual set-up and it’s really up to you to decide whether you want it or not. Whatever you choose will be a good idea!

By Elea