One of the most asked questions in the past few months on the internet and in real life is what have you done to better yourself during quarantine? Because we, like all the other countries, have been in lockdown for quite a while last year, Jukka and I decided to do something different and no, it’s not playing dating simulator games… We took up running! (Ok, we also played games online and looked for offers similar to Heart Bingo Promo Code – men love Bingo too… but that’s beside the point) It really is easy to take up something like running when you live in Finland; the country is enjoying the fitness wake-up call, and we have to be honest with you, the scenery while running outdoors is beautiful. At the beginning of our new hobby, it was quite difficult to decide how to stay on track and how to track our progress: we used various apps on our phones, but they wouldn’t really work well. They would either under-count or over-count our steps, and that was the only thing they did. That is why we decided to invest in a fitness tracker, and today we will be giving you some of the options so you too can switch from a phone app to a good tracker!

Fitbit Inspire 2

If you aren’t ready to invest in fitness trackers but you really want one, Fitbit 2 is an extremely affordable one to start with. Its main function is to track both your steps and your sleep, but it comes with many other functions that can be of interest to you: it monitors your heart rate, sends your notifications about texts or calls you have received and you can use it while swimming even!

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is easily one of the best fitness trackers we’ve used in the past few months! With its ability to let you answer calls and reply to messages on the spot it makes running even more fun (Even though it’s apparently not advised to talk and run at the same time, we found it more fun that way. Don’t rely on our experience, check it with your doctor first if you’re also interested in this). It is pretty easy to use; while its primary task is to track your steps, it also measures your blood oxygen and checks your heart rhythm. It can be linked with your iPhone, so it’s easier for you to take care of the stats at the end of the day.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

On par with Apple Watch Series 6, Vivoactive 4 is one beast of a fitness tracker. It allows you to not only track your steps but also measure your blood oxygen, respiration, heart rate, hydration, stress, and sleep! You can use it to play music from Spotify while you’re running (or Deezer, it’s up to you which one you like better). It also allows you to take calls and reply to text messages. What is interesting about it, and what we really liked as beginners, is that it has some simple animated workouts on it, from pilates and various cardio exercises to yoga! Isn’t that amazing?!

By Elea