If you enjoy playing video games, you have surely thought of purchasing a gaming laptop at some point. They are being advertised everywhere as a perfect tool for playing games – they have an incredible RAM memory, they are very efficient and fast when it comes to loading programs and games, as there is less waiting time for them to load. Tuomas and I both considered buying a gaming laptop so we could test it out, but we backed out of it due to many reasons we will list for you today.

Note: If you hold different opinions and want to share them with us, feel free to comment; we would love to know what you think about this topic and if you have any suggestions, we would love to explore them. Just know that this is our opinion and that we will not judge you if you have a different point of view.

Practicality or The Only Pro…

As we already stated, we are not huge fans of gaming laptops so we wanted to start with its only pro: its practicality. Generally, while it is easier to play games on a full PC set-up, we must admit that the practicality is maybe even better with the laptops, and for one reason only: they are portable. You don’t have to miss any tournament, patch, or even just a game you want to play because you aren’t home – you can just bring your gaming laptop with you, and you will be all set.

Not Easy to Fix

Since we addressed the only good thing about gaming laptops, we will now dissect all its cons. The first on the list is the fact that these laptops are not easy to fix at all. When it comes to a regular PC set-up, there is a high chance that you will be able to find a replacement for the parts that have stopped working; with a gaming laptop, there are very few chances of that happening. The reason is simple: laptops are usually difficult to fix because there are no parts you can swap and change. Surely, you can fix your hard disk or some smaller issues, but when it comes to an issue with ports, battery, or motherboard, it’s safe to say that you will be better off with your laptop in the bin. Taking into consideration that a gaming laptop is much more expensive than your regular laptop, we just don’t see why you would risk it all just to have a “cool” laptop.


As we’ve already mentioned before, the price of gaming laptops is never low, not even when they are on sale, which wouldn’t really be a problem if they are as efficient as a regular PC. But the fact is that there are much cheaper PCs out there that will do the same, if not better work than a gaming laptop. What’s more – you can even build your own PC from scratch for the same amount of money!

Battery issues

As it is with every laptop, the battery doesn’t isn’t full for a long time. Yes – we know that the gaming laptop battery is stronger than a battery in a regular laptop, but it still doesn’t change the issue of charging. You will inevitably have to charge your battery – at first probably during the hours you aren’t playing games on it, but as it grows old… you will revert back to being plugged in, as the battery will not last long. This issue then really collides with the practicality of a gaming laptop because it won’t be portable for a very long time.

By Elea