Even with many upgrades that technology has been receiving over time, and especially in the 2020s, there are still some obstacles when it comes to our PCs working smoothly. Sometimes, it’s the lack of Ad-blockers, but most of the time the reason why your PC isn’t running smoothly is the internal issues your PC has. No worries, though, we have been learning about this for such a long time that we can explain at least some of the things you can do to make your PC work faster. Without further ado, here are some of the tips we have for you: 

Install your updates!

We know it’s daunting – the notification to update your PC always comes up when you’re doing something important on your PC, but the sooner you install it, the better your PC will work. The reason why these updates are important is that they help your PC fix some of the internal issues that could have been causing you trouble. If you don’t follow up with the updates, it’s more likely that your computer will lag – Jukka had this issue last year. He didn’t update his computer for a year and then when it crashed, we realized that it was only because of the lack of updating. You don’t have to wait for the crashing point though – update it as soon as your PC notifies you that the download for the update is available.

Turn off the automatic loading of apps

Many of the apps we download, after their installation, work in a way that slows down your PC – they turn themselves on at the starting up of your PC and this is where your computer loses its energy, so to say. You have the option to turn this option off, and we suggest you do that. If your PC is slow, you don’t need to slow it down even more with the apps that open immediately. Open them only when you need to use them.

Uninstall programs you don’t need

This one is self-explanatory but it needs to be on this list. We tend to install programs we don’t need in the long run – then we forget to uninstall them, and they end up taking a part of our memory, clogging the PC for no reason. Make it a priority to go over your program list once in a month or two months, depending on how many programs you own, and see which ones you need. It will greatly help your PC as there won’t be many things eating at its memory!

By Elea