As self-proclaimed best gamers of Finland, we have tried all sorts of gaming: Console gaming, PC gaming, mobile phone gaming, and we have come to the conclusion which one we like the best. While we aren’t fans of mobile phone games (somehow, they are always tacky and under-developed, or even if they are good they literally eat our phone batteries, which is a big no for us), we are divided when it comes to PC gaming and console gaming. We’ve been playing for so long on our PCs that it has become something natural to us, but at the same time, playing on consoles really gets you involved in the storyline. So, when it comes to single-player RPGs, we really can’t decide which we like better. But for one we are sure: When it comes to playing online games, we stand united. We prefer gaming online on our PCs and here’s why:


While consoles are known for good graphics, we would love to remind you that your PC can have the same graphics quality! It really just depends on your settings and the graphic card you own.

As you know, you can change and buy a new graphic card (although, it does cost a bit more money now that buying graphic cards for other reasons has become popular, but it’s still worth it!) to suit your needs, and you really can’t do that with the parts of your console. You can’t really optimize consoles, and that is a big no for us. The reason upgrading is important is simple: Games, especially online games, get updated all the time – they get patches, they are being debugged and they are constantly being improved to have the best quality. You can follow this up with your PC, but you can’t do much when it comes to your consoles – they will get outdated, and in order to play these games, you will need to buy a new console.

Internet connection

Internet connection seems to always work better on PC than it does on consoles, somehow, and we know that the internet is the most important factor for online gaming. So, even if it happens that your internet connection crashes, it’s more likely that you will recover it faster on your PC; Generally, even though we all use wireless internet, our PCs are connected to it by a wire which makes for the speed and the steadiness of the connection. This is why it will be an easier job for you to revive it on your PC than to revive it on your console. Also, take into consideration the waiting time you need to stabilize the internet connection after it crashes. It always takes longer with consoles, and you can’t afford to lose a lot of time when you’re playing online!

Choice of games

Consoles are still considered a luxury, so it’s not that often that you will see a game that’s available on console, available on PC as well, even when it comes to online games. That being said, almost everyone you know owns a PC, and that is one of the main reasons why there are more online games pertaining to PC users. With a Steam account, you can access many games for free or either for a small amount of money and play your heart out!

By Elea