From working and studying to doing leisure activities, emerging technology has affected many aspects of people`s lives. Nowadays, I can see most people spending their pastime using Best Online Casino Bonuses, scrolling through social media or playing video games. Since the recent expansion of video games has been so huge, I`ve decided write about some of the best fantasy games of all time! I wanted to be as objective as possible and offer you some of the best of the best, the top tier fantasy games that I have encountered, so that you too can get to enjoy and marvel in their brilliance.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you have been here for a while, you know how much we love this game already. But this time – it’s not only our opinion. We’ve stumbled upon the chart on Steam Charts that shows that just in the last 30 days there were more than 18,000 players! How amazing is that?! But let’s discuss the root of this “problem” – Why is this game so popular? The fact that the writer of the Witcher saga co-produced this game can be one of them, but people mostly fall for the game’s ambiance, story and music so enchanting, that you can’t stop listening to it even when you’ve finished the game. The story follows the great Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who in search of his female counterpart (Yennefer) finds about his missing apprentice. The mission to find Ciri (the apprentice) and save her from the Wild Hunt becomes his final goal, and whether he’s successful or not, is up to you as a player, as the game relies on the choices you made prior to its ending. There’s nothing more that we can say but please play it!

Dark Souls

While The Witcher can be considered “a dark game”, we can safely say that the Dark Souls saga is many times darker than the Witcher saga. An extremely difficult game to play, the first part of the Dark Souls saga introduces us to the major theme in the saga: the (re)kindling of The First Flame. In this universe, the First Flame is something that keeps the world turning; it’s a strange manifestation that controls life and death. When it’s burning, life continues as it should, but when it starts dying out, the difference between life and death blurs and the world becomes a hell-hole. The only way to restore order is if someone who is a strong soul sacrifices themselves to the Flame…

Diablo 2

If you’re wondering why we are including this old game in our “best-of-the-best list”, it’s because it’s simply iconic. Plus, since its remake is going to be released in the early fall this year, we thought we could remind you of this insane story. We follow the character we played with in the previous part, who tries to contain the soul of Diablo (The Lord of Terror) in his head; What seems first as something easy to do, appears to be difficult (of course), because the lord of terror is unforgiving; he tortures the hero who killed him. When the lord of terror possesses the fallen hero, all hell breaks loose (quite literally); he unleashes the demons of Hell. With only one person surviving the mess the demons left behind, it’s up to him to seek this “Dark Wanderer ” and release him of the demon. Pretty interesting, no?

By Elea