One of the most asked questions we get (as gamers) from people who want to join the gaming world is “Which games should I play? MMORPG or Single Player RPG?” and today we wanted to dedicate this blog post to answering it. Partially because now we can link it to friends who ask us about it, and partially so you can understand the difference between these two types of games, and choose the type you want to play, yourself. 

Before we begin, we would like to say that this is our subjective opinion and that we don’t think that one type of game is better than the other; it really all boils down to what you want out of a game and what type of communication (if any) you prefer.

What are MMORPG games?

The MMORPG abbreviation stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and now when you know its meaning, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Really, one of the major differences between a single-player RPG and MMORPG is the fact that MMORPGs allow many players to play together, at the same time. Examples of such games are: WoW, Neverwinter, Runescape, Final Fantasy 14 (just to mention some of the most popular ones).

Ok, great. What are Single Player RPG games then?

Now when we know what RPG stands for (role-playing game), it’s easier to understand what SPRPG is all about. The defining characteristic of single-player games is exactly the fact that you play them alone; it’s a single-player game. Some of the most famous SPRPGs are: The Witcher saga, Skyrim, Dark Souls saga, RDR, Cyberpunk, Diablo… and believe us, there are many more to name!

What is the difference between the two types of games?

– We already mentioned the main difference, which is the fact that MMORPGs are played with multiple people at the same time, while SPRPGs can be played by only one person.

– Another difference is that we always play MMORPGs online (the “o” in the abbreviation stands for online, and that we always play SPRPGs offline. Although the latter may be changing because some of the developers have been changing their games and allowing their players to play even some parts of it online.

– The storyline the game follows will be different with these two types. When it comes to single-player RPGs, the story will be presented in depth, and you as a player will most likely be really involved in it; the game will practically revolve around the story. But MMORPGs are different; the story is not the key part of their gameplay. Surely, they rely on their story to frame the idea of the game, but what takes the first place in MMORPGs is the fact that you play with other people.

– Similar to the storyline, there is usually a difference between the world in the game when it comes to these two types of gaming. In MMORPGs, the world is extremely huge, almost limitless, but with SPRPGs, you will have a limited place to roam around.

The choice is yours. Whether you want to play MMORPGs or SPRPGs, one thing is sure: You will have lots of fun!

By Elea