While ten years ago it may have been odd to call yourself a professional player (unless you were trying to make your parents buy you that new game or believe you that gaming isn’t as bad as they’re making it to be and that it isn’t just a waste of time), you, as our reader, will without a doubt know that a professional gaming career is one of the most favorable careers in 2021, and has been for quite a while. The shift from “gaming is bad” to “gaming is incredible” took a quick turn in the mid-2010s  and it has not been the same ever since. And it’s more popular than ever now – when we are all online chatting to our friends, watching movies and having fun with offers like Virgin Games promotional code. As it is also our dream to one day be recognized as professional players, we decided to dedicate our first blog post to the gaming industry and careers, explaining why exactly we think everyone should become a professional player.

Gaming is accessible

Everybody with a computer that can support games can become a professional gamer – no matter the age, the setup, or financial situation; and that is why gaming is universal. It is a common myth to think that you have to start young in the gaming industry. People of any age can grasp the basic movements of games and can become very popular in the industry! It’s just a matter of time you devote to the craft.

Also, you don’t really need a lot of money – for instance, Jukka and I used to play games in the internet cafes back in the day when we didn’t really have much money to buy games ourselves, and it didn’t stop us from becoming who we are today!

Flexible working hours!

It may sound funny, but it is really true – as a gamer, you don’t have a set schedule for your job. You get to make your own schedule and how you stick to it dictates your success. This you need to figure out based on the activity of your followers, but believe us, it’s not that difficult!

It’s incredibly social

While many people who are not interested in games think that gaming is an incredibly solitary job, those of you who play know how untrue that statement is. With Discord, it’s extremely easy to connect with many people playing games you love! Our favorite games (LoL, WoW, Overwatch) allow you to communicate with your team members which makes gaming even more fun!

So next time someone says that you’re isolating while playing games, feel free to tell them that they are in the wrong.

Money, duh

As it is with any career, we shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that we also choose certain career paths because of the potential income. Gaming not only makes your job more fun, but it can bring more bacon to the table than your average job! There are many opportunities that allow you to earn money even if you’re not a really recognized player – you can play tournaments, stream on Twitch or YouTube, or play Esports; all of which are incredibly profitable. Some of our favorite gamers (Charlie – moistcr1tikal for instance) make over $13 mil a year! Incredible, huh?!

By Elea