With many people regarding esports as a regular sport, it is only natural for it to have all the similar traits common sports have; we rely on our cognitive skills and spatial movements as we would in any sport, we form teams, play tournaments, and have fans. With fans and tournaments, as in any sports, comes betting, and it is no wonder that betting on esports is insanely popular nowadays. While it may be a little difficult to understand how to bet on esports, Jukka and I will try to explain it to you in laymen’s terms in this blog post.

Before we begin…

Just remember, in order to place bets on e-sports you must be over 18 years old, as you sign up for any betting sites and participate in placing bets.

Ok, you decided you want to participate in esports bets, what now?!

First of all, let’s get this straight: If you have had any experience with placing bets in the real world, rest assured that it follows the same logic on the internet; the basics are that you have to place a wager on a team you want to win and choose the odds (which are actually the probability of the result, as you might have guessed.)

Now, there are many odds formats and for a reason: many people all over the world participate in these games, and they are made to fit as many people as possible. So, we have decimal odds (the odds that are the most favorable by betting sites), American odds, and fractional odds.

Basic Match Betting and Examples of Bets

The most famous type of betting is “the match-winner” or “the match win” (which has different names on different betting sites, such as “head-to-head”, “straight” etc.) and this is what you will usually first encounter on any betting site.

With that in mind, it is important to follow a formula consisting of three parts in your bets, as they are what makes your bet functional. With that in mind, you have to know what a format, bankroll, and odds are.

· Format – Pretty self-explanatory. The format represents the form of your odds (the ones we previously mentioned, such as decimal, American or fractional)

· Odds – We mentioned that odds represent the probability of the result, but odds also represent the price your betting website will pay you as well as the required stake you needed if your team wins (or well, if your wager wins)

·  Bankroll – Real money you invested in betting

You can estimate your own odds, sure, but you can also rely on many, many bookmarkers (websites) as well! With the bookmarkers, it’s important to know that the lower the odds are on the bookmarker, the higher is the probability that the team you have chosen will win, and vice-versa.

Different Types of Bets You Can Participate In

We have mentioned that the most popular type of bet is the “match-winner” bet, as it is really the favorite of all the betting sites. However, the types of bets vary when it comes to different games – sometimes your wager will not be based on the win but on the other type of result.   

Word of Advice

We advise you to do your research on the topics that are interesting to you. It’s extremely important to be sure of your decision when betting online, so make sure to research all the teams and matches before placing your bets.

By Elea